Why joint custody may be your best solution

Why joint custody may be your best solution

At the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin INC., we know that one of your biggest concerns when you face the prospects of a California divorce is your children. You hate the thought of breaking up their home and wish there were some way to make things easier for them. Perhaps there is. Have you and your spouse considered joint custody?

Joint custody has become widely prevalent in the past decade and now represents the custody arrangement of choice for a vast majority of judges, divorce attorneys, legislators, child psychologists and divorced parents themselves.

Benefits to your children

As reported by StatNews.com, a new study reveals the following benefits children receive when their divorced parents share joint custody of them:

  • Better family and extended family relationships
  • Better grades at school
  • Better peer interaction
  • Less stress, anxiety and depression
  • Less likelihood of succumbing to alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs

Benefits to you and your spouse

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse likely will benefit from joint custody, too. Whatever else you may disagree on, you probably do not disagree that each of you loves your children and wants to remain a vital part of their lives. Joint custody gives you the opportunity to work together in an adult, civilized and cooperative manner in the best interests of your children. Admittedly, this takes commitment and dedication on the part of each of you, but it could result in re-establishing communication between you that could make friendship a real possibility, even though marriage is not.

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