Prenup: could it save your marriage?

Prenup: could it save your marriage?

Getting married is exciting. You are opening a new chapter of your life with someone you love. But while marriage is thrilling, it can be complicated. You have probably heard about prenuptial agreements becoming more common, but do you and your future spouse need one?

There can be a stereotype about prenups being offensive, as if you assume your spouse is only out to get your money, but this is not true. In many cases, prenuptial agreements give couples peace of mind. Here are two reasons people sign prenups:

Stop arguments

For some couples, a prenuptial agreement can save their relationship in the future. A prenuptial agreement can create a mutually beneficial plan which can ease people’s concerns. If you are constantly worried about what could happen, it can put unnecessary strain on a relationship. Financial tensions are a large issue in a lot of relationships and a prior agreement can ease some of the stress.

Creating an arrangement can also strengthen your relationship as it is a process where you can hash out difficult discussions. For some couples, it is a mediation technique that might save or secure your marriage.

Create your own rules

Rather than leave your life to the legal system, a prenuptial agreement can let you figure things out your own way. If you do eventually get a divorce, a prenuptial agreement lets you and your spouse decide how you want everything divided on your own terms, rather than by the courts.

Additionally, if you were financially independent before getting married, you may want some assurances about your own wealth after you agree to join someone else’s life. If you want to be on equal ground as your spouse, financially, a prenuptial agreement can create fair footing for both parties.

You can include other arrangements in a prenuptial agreement, too, they are not only limited to finances. Some agreements include child custody plans. You can even set household budgets or other make agreements about family, such as how often you visit your spouse’s parents.

Prenuptial agreements may sound daunting or challenging, but they have a variety of benefits. In some cases, they can enhance your marriage. In any case, having an open conversation with your spouse can create a more solid marriage and it may not hurt to have a healthy discussion about your situation.