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Family law concerns are complex. As you prepare to address your case, it’s always a good idea to understand what you’re getting into. Diane Morin is deeply familiar with the many concerns you may have. That’s why the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, Inc. presents the following collection resources to help you better understand California’s family law system.

Online resources can only do so much, though. If you have any questions or concerns about your situation, the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, Inc. experts are available to help. Get answers to your questions and discuss how to best move forward with your case by calling us at 650-473-0822 or reaching out online.


The majority of Bay Area residents will be under the jurisdiction of one of the following three courts in family law matters:

Bar Associations

Bar associations provide a number of resources for those who need legal assistance. The following associations are particularly helpful for Bar Area residents.


Mediating disputes is one of the most effective ways to resolve family law matters without resorting to court hearings. The following resources can help you learn more about mediation and how it may assist you.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is dedicated to helping disputing parties work together to find common ground without having a judge make decisions on their behalf. The following organizations explain more about collaborative legal practices in California.


The following resources are auxiliary to the legal process but may help you better understand the demands of the process.

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Family law matters take a wide variety of forms, so no single list of resources can answer all your questions. If you have concerns that require legal attention, Diane Morin is prepared to be your family law attorney. Contact us online or call us at 650-473-0822 and allow us to discuss your circumstances and show you that your welfare is our first priority.