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Divorce Tips: Co-Parenting During the Holidays

One of the most difficult times of the year for families going through a divorce or those finding their footing in the wake of a divorce is during Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Therefore, for parents, it is crucial for the sake of their children, their ex and themselves that they learn how to …. Read More

Children and Divorce

Divorce can be complicated and painful, but when children are involved the affects of divorce are compounded.  The one most important ingredient to making this process easier on children, even adult children, is the absence of conflict.  This sounds like it could be difficult, when often conflict is the one consistent component in the relationship …. Read More

Divorce Can Set You Adrift

Being adrift is not a comfortable feeling; in fact the sense of anchor-less-ness can be very disorienting and scary. We are land creatures and like the stability of the ground, so when we face something that pulls the rug out from under us, like a divorce, our sense of control and direction can be lost …. Read More

Divorce is a Roller Coaster

When I was a kid I loved the roller coaster, I just couldn’t get enough. And when my Grandmother came to visit one year during the annual fair she let my cousin and me repeat this pleasure more times than our mothers thought proper. Divorce is often described as a roller coaster because in many …. Read More