Diane J.N. Morin

The Morin Law Offices are committed to providing quality service at competitive rates. These services include litigation, mediation or collaborative law, depending on the client’s needs. We specialize in all matters concerning families, from name changes and stepparent adoptions to complicated custody and property issues.

scales of justiceOur office represents men or women. The cases involve uncomplicated divorces (“dissolutions”) as well as cases involving complicated property as well as child custody and support issues. We have a particular expertise in cases involving people from other countries. Our preferred goal is to assist clients in arriving at settlements, and for this reason we have developed competence in both collaborative law and mediation. However, Ms. Morin has a background in litigation and relies on this background in developing strategies for clients.

The Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin were established in 1992. Our office is in Palo Alto, California, and we practice in San Mateo, Santa Clara counties as well as San Francisco. The office also works with an attorney who has had extensive experience in adoption law. After practicing criminal law for many years (both prosecution and defense), we now concentrate exclusively on family law. As Ms. Morin has dual nationality, and was raised in another country, we have an extensive clientele from other countries. In the past few years, we have developed a practice in mediation and collaborative law as well as litigation.

We enjoy taking classes to expand our understanding of fields of family law; we attend classes in Family Law, Mental Health as it relates to Family Law, business law, litigation, and trial practice. Ms. Morin has a particular interest in international law as she is a native speaker of Italian and fluent speaker of French. As Ms. Morin was also a Research Attorney for the Superior Courts, a District Attorney and represented clients in criminal defense, she continues to be interested in these differing topics. As a mediator and collaborative law attorney, she also attends classes in these areas on a yearly basis and always exceeds the required amount of continuing education.