Divorce filings are surging in California. Here’s why.

Divorce filings are surging in California. Here’s why.

The lockdown in California has been going on for months, and nobody knows when it will end. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adjust in numerous ways. From a day-to-day perspective, it has caused many of us to spend much more time with our spouses than we ever have before.

In normal times, between work, hobbies and other activities, few married couples spent virtually all their time together. That has changed due to the lockdown. Now, millions of couples throughout California are spending most of their time at home. The time apart that used to help mask problems in troubled marriages is gone.

Differences in your relationship that you might have been able to ignore or tolerate before may now be too obvious to deny. Is your spouse lazy, controlling, or insensitive? Or have you realized during quarantine that the love the two of you had when you got married is gone? If so, you could be among thousands of Californians who are contacting divorce lawyers these days.

Divorce filings are going up

Many family law attorneys say their firms are seeing a surge in new clients. They believe the forced togetherness has pressured people to confront problems in their marriages. In many cases, they are realizing these problems are too big to fix, and choosing to dissolve their relationships instead. The impact of COVID-19 has made them understand that life is too short to spend in an unhappy marriage. For others, being trapped at home with an abusive spouse has driven them to take action to protect themselves and their children.

Find out what divorce could mean for you

Whatever your motivations, if you are considering divorce, you need to know how the process could look for you, and what your rights are as a property owner and parent in California. A conversation with an experienced divorce attorney can clarify a lot about what to expect.