Technology can help streamline your co-parenting process

Technology can help streamline your co-parenting process

Co-parenting with a former spouse after a divorce can be a challenging task for many parents. Although your marriage ended, your relationship as the parents of your children will most likely continue following a divorce. For parents with a joint custody arrangement, time management and open communication are integral elements of maintaining a productive dynamic.

To facilitate this level of cooperation and communication, some former spouses in California may need a little extra assistance. Technology is part of most people’s everyday life, so why not use it as a mechanism to simplify and streamline your co-parenting arrangement?

Tools to consider

There is essentially an app for everything at this point in time. That includes apps for shared parenting responsibilities and family management. Some apps and websites charge a fee for use, but there are other free tools families can also utilize to help manage a co-parenting dynamic.

Many of these apps offer similar services, so it just comes down to choosing the one that best fits the needs of your family unit. Common features include:

  • Shared calendar for children’s and parent’s activities
  • Shopping lists
  • Expense reports
  • In-app messaging system
  • Reminders for upcoming appointments and events
  • Journals for all users
  • Secure storage for medical, dental and other pertinent information

Not every family needs this kind of co-parenting structure, but many technological tools can help parents manage shared schedules and responsibilities. Consider using a shared calendar such as a Google calendar or the built-in system on your smart phone. Some of the tools you already use for the day to day can also be useful in your co-parenting arrangement if utilized appropriately.

Co-parenting challenges

For parents who struggle with open, civil communication after a divorce, using a tool specifically designed for co-parenting can help keep participants focused on the task at hand and not outside issues. Every family needs time to adjust to a new co-parenting style, so understand that the transition may be rocky at times.

Utilize the tools and resources available for managing a shared parenting arrangement after divorce. The main priority for parents after divorce is the wellbeing, safety and security of their children. Consider the wealth of resources available from apps and websites to family counselors, legal experts and child psychologists. No parent has to go it alone when it comes to figuring out the dynamics of co-parenting after divorce.