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Yes, you can spend child support money on non-essentials

On Behalf of | May 20, 2018 | Divorce

At the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin INC., we understand that divorced Californians often do not get along with their ex-spouses. In many cases, parenting is a difficult issue that can cause conflict, especially regarding money. As the parent who receives child support, you might face disapproval from your ex about how you spend it. You might even worry that the court can monitor your spending or step in and tell you what you can and cannot buy with your child support money.

Child support is meant for the well-being of your children, as you know. This includes their emotional as well as physical security, as FindLaw explains. Therefore, the courts deem many non-essential expenses acceptable for child support spending, even if your ex disagrees. For example, you might spend child support on birthday party supplies and gifts for your child during his or her special day. You could use the money on a restaurant meal or to see a movie together. You could even spend child support on a weekend getaway to a campground or theme park. It is important for you to maintain a close bond with your children and create memories, and child support can help.

Of course, your children’s basic needs are also important. You may spend child support on food, shelter, clothing, school expenses, utility payments, household goods and other items and services that contribute to your family’s comfort, stability and safety. Your responsibility is to ensure your children are being cared for. As long as you are meeting their needs, you should have no reason to fear the courts intervening in your child support spending. Our page on divorce explains more about the challenges you may face at the end of a marriage.