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How is spousal support calculated in California?

When California residents get a divorce, you'll likely be dealing with spousal support as well. But just what goes into determining the details of spousal support payments? How are these payments calculated, and how is it decided who will pay and who will receive?

The factors determining alimony in California

Along with child support, alimony can be a useful tool in helping the lesser-earning spouse remain on his or feet after a divorce. However, spousal support differs from child support in numerous ways. Californians should understand the factors the courts consider when determining alimony.

Women may still need alimony more than men today

Regardless of your financial status when you were married, getting a divorce can present a hardship. The prospect of a lengthy, contentious divorce, going from a two-income household to being the sole source of income and raising young children are just a few of the challenges newly divorced people face, especially women. At the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, we are prepared to answer your questions about spousal support in California.

Can I still take a tax deduction for my spousal support payments?

Tax day is nearly here, both nationwide and in California. With all the rumors floating around about the alimony deduction, you may be uncertain about whether or not you can still deduct your spousal support payments from your federal income tax. The answer is, yes, you can.

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