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What's wrong with keeping my home in a divorce?

If you are like many people in California who are facing the end of your marriage, you may feel a strong urge to keep your family home. This can be very understandable, especially if you have children who still live at home. The desire to maintain stability for the kids and remain in a place where you have strong attachments is real but these are not always the facts upon which you should make this type of decision.

Yes, you can spend child support money on non-essentials

At the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, we understand that divorced Californians often do not get along with their ex-spouses. In many cases, parenting is a difficult issue that can cause conflict, especially regarding money. As the parent who receives child support, you might face disapproval from your ex about how you spend it. You might even worry that the court can monitor your spending or step in and tell you what you can and cannot buy with your child support money.

Escaping from domestic violence requires planning

Many marriages are unhappy and end in divorce. However, at the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, we understand that for some people in California and elsewhere, seeking an end to a miserable marriage can be dangerous. If you hope to get out of an abusive relationship, you will need to carefully plan your steps.

What types of things can our prenup cover?

If you and your beloved are a California couple looking forward to your upcoming marriage, this is one of the happiest and most exciting times in your life. Your world is beautiful and your future is full of promise. Both of you fully intend to live out the fairytale of happily ever after.

Understanding collaborative divorce

At the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin in California, we know that many of our clients are looking for a more amicable, cooperative and less stressful way to obtain a divorce than that offered by the traditional litigation process. If you fit this description, FindLaw explains that a collaborative divorce may be exactly what you are looking for.

Hastily presented prenuptial agreements may not hold up in court

Whether or not you consider yourself wealthy, you likely have some personal assets that you'd like to protect if you ever get divorced. Young Americans are waiting longer to get married, which means they are often more financially secure going into the relationship.

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