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Can I move out of state with my child after my divorce?

Just when your post-divorce California life seemed to be settling into a “new normal,” your employer offered you a marvelous promotion. The hitch? You must move to a new state. Since you have children, you now may be wondering what hassle, if any, you need to go through so you can move your kids out of state with you.

What do I do if I get a knock on the door from CPS?

That dreaded knock can be any California parent’s nightmare. This means that not only has someone felt it necessary to report a parenting concern about you to Child Protective Services, but a social worker is about to investigate and determine if you are a fit enough parent to keep your children in your home. This can be an upsetting, embarrassing and frightening experience for anyone.

What do parents need to know about parenting schedules?

When you and your wife get divorced in California, one of the things you must consider is how you will divide your children's time. When both of you want to be actively involved in your kid's lives, it is important to establish a parenting plan that will give you both plenty of time with the kids.

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