Health care resolution in a California divorce

Health care resolution in a California divorce

As most people know, health insurance is incredibly expensive. A person going through a divorce might be wondering about their coverage. It’s possible that one spouse was providing the income while the other stayed at home to take care of the house and children. Usually, employer-sponsored health insurance plans cover both individuals in a marriage. So, what happens after a finalized divorce? It’s scary to think about being uninsured, or shopping the open market for health insurance.

Health care resolution

There are certain circumstances in which you might qualify to stay under your ex-spouse’s coverage. This coverage, however, is usually temporary.

It’s important to talk about health insurance throughout the divorce process. A lawyer can help draft an arrangement that requires the insured ex-spouse to send regular cash payments for health care coverage. This setup can benefit both spouses, especially when children are involved. The arrangement can cover children as well, if the ex-spouse is the custodial parent.

Establishing coverage is not always easy

An uninsured ex-spouse can take other measures to obtain health insurance. However, these routes tend to be pricey, such as purchasing your own policy or going through Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).

In a divorce, spouses would benefit from legal documents that outline an array of topics. Health care resolution is one important topic to address. Well-organized agreements are usually accepted by the judge at the end of the process.

Additionally, couples considering a divorce should begin legal separation proceedings before beginning divorce proceedings. The process will go smoother if things are done in the right order. Overall, spouses going through a divorce should seriously consider implementing insurance policies in a divorce settlement. Being proactive and seeking legal advice are both key factors.