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Health care resolution in a California divorce

As most people know, health insurance is incredibly expensive. A person going through a divorce might be wondering about their coverage. It’s possible that one spouse was providing the income while the other stayed at home to take care of the house and children. Usually, employer-sponsored health insurance plans cover both individuals in a marriage. So, what happens after a finalized divorce? It’s scary to think about being uninsured, or shopping the open market for health insurance.

What are the benefits of mediation during my divorce?

You might hesitate to file for divorce because you’ve heard too many horror stories about costly court battles that take months and are fraught with conflict. Is there a way for you and your spouse to end your marriage in a peaceful, mutually beneficial manner? You might consider mediation, which has helped countless Californians get a divorce in a less stressful way.

What should your parenting plan include?

If you and your spouse are contemplating a California divorce and are also parents, your children should be the primary concern of both of you. As explained by the California Court System, you must have a written parenting plan in place prior to the finalization of your divorce. You and your spouse have enormous leeway in what you choose to include in your parenting plan before you sign it and file it with the court. It must be in the best interests of your children, however, for the judge to sign it himself or herself and make it an enforceable court order.

Will you pay manimony when your divorce?

If you are a well-paid female executive in California, you should be aware that the court may require you to pay your husband spousal support when you divorce if his earnings are substantially lower than yours. While "reverse alimony" remains a reasonably uncommon event, it is catching on across the country. As reports, it even has a new nickname: manimony

Why joint custody may be your best solution

At the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, we know that one of your biggest concerns when you face the prospects of a California divorce is your children. You hate the thought of breaking up their home and wish there were some way to make things easier for them. Perhaps there is. Have you and your spouse considered joint custody?

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