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July 2018 Archives

Prenup: could it save your marriage?

Getting married is exciting. You are opening a new chapter of your life with someone you love. But while marriage is thrilling, it can be complicated. You have probably heard about prenuptial agreements becoming more common, but do you and your future spouse need one?

How is spousal support calculated in California?

When California residents get a divorce, you'll likely be dealing with spousal support as well. But just what goes into determining the details of spousal support payments? How are these payments calculated, and how is it decided who will pay and who will receive?

The factors determining alimony in California

Along with child support, alimony can be a useful tool in helping the lesser-earning spouse remain on his or feet after a divorce. However, spousal support differs from child support in numerous ways. Californians should understand the factors the courts consider when determining alimony.

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