Escaping from domestic violence requires planning

Escaping from domestic violence requires planning

Many marriages are unhappy and end in divorce. However, at the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin INC., we understand that for some people in California and elsewhere, seeking an end to a miserable marriage can be dangerous. If you hope to get out of an abusive relationship, you will need to carefully plan your steps.

As you know, most abusers control their victims by undermining their self-worth, threatening them and making them dependent on them physically and emotionally. It can be very difficult for victims to make the choice to leave, let alone have the means to do so. When you realize you need to get out of your marriage for your safety and sanity, as well as your children’s protection, it may be best to have an escape plan, advises the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Your escape plan does not need to be complex. It can help to reach out to people you can trust, such as your family members and one or two close friends. Let them know you are being abused and ask if they can help. You might see if they can take some of your personal items, clothing, important paperwork and emergency cash for safekeeping. You will also want to have proof that there is abuse, if possible. This may include photographs of your injuries, police reports or hospital records. When you are ready to leave, you may want to seek a protective order with your law enforcement agency.

Leaving an abusive marriage is not easy. During this challenging time, your allies and supporters may provide invaluable help. Our page on domestic violence explains more about how to protect yourself and your children from abuse.