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What types of things can our prenup cover?

If you and your beloved are a California couple looking forward to your upcoming marriage, this is one of the happiest and most exciting times in your life. Your world is beautiful and your future is full of promise. Both of you fully intend to live out the fairytale of happily ever after.

How you can prepare for your upcoming divorce mediation

A divorce mediation in California is worth striving for. While a divorce proceeding could bring out the worst in both parties, a mediation encourages cooperation and mutually agreed upon solutions between spouses. If you see mediation as a worthy alternative dispute resolution, there are important steps you can take to get yourself ready for an upcoming mediation.

Women may still need alimony more than men today

Regardless of your financial status when you were married, getting a divorce can present a hardship. The prospect of a lengthy, contentious divorce, going from a two-income household to being the sole source of income and raising young children are just a few of the challenges newly divorced people face, especially women. At the Law Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, we are prepared to answer your questions about spousal support in California.

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