Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is difficult and often messy. Emotions can run high, and many times the proceedings are about hurting the other person as much as they are about assuring a fair resolution for you. However, it is in a couple's best interests to set their personal issues aside when it comes to divorce proceedings. Clear heads and calm hearts will make for a cleaner break, and make it easier for both of you to move on with your lives. It often helps protect all members of the family, including children.

Collaborative divorce is one of the best options for couples looking to avoid a long, contentious battle. At The Law & Mediation Offices of Diane J.N. Morin, our attorneys offer experienced guidance through the collaborative divorce process.

Why You Should Pursue A Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is when you and your partner both agree that you should no longer be together, but you do not agree on how you should divide what you have. Both of you will sign an agreement that says you will work together to reach an equitable agreement. You can work within a special process, that has become an international and national approach to divorce called "collaborative practice". This often involves a team that includes financial and mental health professionals. Or you can take a simpler approach and agree that your attorney and your spouse's or partner's attorney will collaborate together to try and reach an agreements. The good, if possible, is not to become too polarized and is to work together to settle issues. If you cannot, then you will need to have a judge decide your issues.

Mechanically, there is very little difference between a collaborative divorce and an adversarial one, however, it saves both sides time and money to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Both of you want to get divorced, so why not set your grievances aside to get the work done so you can both move on?

Find Out If Collaborative Divorce Is The Right Option

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