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Divorce, How Long Does It Take?

If you do an Internet search asking the question of how long it might take to get a divorce there would be a variety of answers, starting from 6 months to years. I have had a case that settled in one week; conversely I represented someone who had begun their proceedings 30 years earlier. There …. Read More

Family Law and Parenting Plans

When finalizing a divorce, family law matters are notoriously tricky for parents to agree on. Figuring out a parenting plan might not be easy but is important as one source reports that the tone for life after divorce is typically set in around six months. What is a parenting plan? Basically, it’s a schedule and …. Read More

Divorce Can Set You Adrift

Being adrift is not a comfortable feeling; in fact the sense of anchor-less-ness can be very disorienting and scary. We are land creatures and like the stability of the ground, so when we face something that pulls the rug out from under us, like a divorce, our sense of control and direction can be lost …. Read More

Divorce is a Roller Coaster

When I was a kid I loved the roller coaster, I just couldn’t get enough. And when my Grandmother came to visit one year during the annual fair she let my cousin and me repeat this pleasure more times than our mothers thought proper. Divorce is often described as a roller coaster because in many …. Read More