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Family Law and Parenting Plans

When finalizing a divorce, family law matters are notoriously tricky for parents to agree on. Figuring out a parenting plan might not be easy but is important as one source reports that the tone for life after divorce is typically set in around six months. What is a parenting plan? Basically, it’s a schedule and …. Read More

Hague Convention and Divorce

In October of 1980 The Hague Convention concluded and was entered into force by the signatories in 1983.  The Convention was drafted to ensure the prompt return of children who have been abducted from their country of habitual residence or wrongfully retained in a contracting state not their country of habitual residence. The following excerpts …. Read More

Children and Divorce

Divorce can be complicated and painful, but when children are involved the affects of divorce are compounded.  The one most important ingredient to making this process easier on children, even adult children, is the absence of conflict.  This sounds like it could be difficult, when often conflict is the one consistent component in the relationship …. Read More

Child Defenders Win Nobel

“Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Defenders of Children’s Rights” It is wonderful to know that even young children can make such a huge difference in this difficult, complicated world.  Malala Yousafzay, the youngest nobel laureate in history, risked her life at 14 and has made a huge difference for children and international law;  Kailash Satyarthi …. Read More