Diane Morin is a solo practitioner and her clients deal directly with her. However, she is also assisted by another attorney who has extensive experience in aspects of both family and adoption law. We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality legal services.

Ms. Morin was first employed by the Superior Court of Alameda County (Oakland and Hayward) as a Research Attorney, working for Judges in the Law and Motion, criminal and family law departments. Thereafter she worked in a law firm and practiced in areas of appellate, criminal defense and insurance law. Ms. Morin then was a District Attorney for the County of Santa Clara for three years and thereafter practiced criminal defense. After working for many years for others, Ms. Morin decided to open up her own law practice and has never regretted that decision, as the work has always been both challenging and rewarding.


It is imperative that clients become educated in specific issues concerning family law that are relevant to their circumstances and conflict resolution as quickly as possible. We do everything possible to advise and direct clients to solutions that will assist them so that they can “think out of the box.” As our clients are looking for a solution that will benefit them not only in the short run but also for the long term, they must fully understand any agreements proposed and be comfortable with any compromises. All participants in the process of dissolution and conflict resolution need to fully understand what is discussed and their emotional responses so that they feel they have achieved resolution and accomplished their goals.

Issues concerning families and dissolution permeated Ms. Morin’s’ experience as a child and gave her empathy for those similarly situated. As a result, she is a lawyer specializing in international issues as well as domestic law, with a firm respect for systems of conflict resolution such as mediation and collaborative law. Having specialized in family law for so long as a litigator, she has seen that Family Court does not have structures for helping families heal and progress towards new healthier systems. The procedures used in Family Court are modified versions of the same procedures used in contract and personal injury law for example. These procedures can polarize people and deepen existing animosities instead of leading to resolution of issues. As a consequence, she continues to search for ways to direct her clients towards positive, creative solutions.

Her diverse experience in working for Courts as a research attorney,  a civil litigator, a District Attorney and criminal defense attorney, before concentrating exclusively on family law has enhanced her skills as a lawyer. She has had over thirty jury trials and innumerable settlement conferences. Prior to being a lawyer, she grew up in Italy and believes living in a multi-cultural environment helped her learn the importance of listening intently for the similarities as well as the differences between people.

She is direct, compassionate and energetic. Both her parents and grandparents were divorced, in a country and  a time when divorce was considered a stain. Moreover, she is  a single parent. As a consequence she can easily empathize with my clients. On the other hand, with her many years of experience and training, she keeps her personal experience separate from that of her clients so as to help them make decisions for themselves. In this, she is the retained “technician.”She has extensive experience in mediation and collaborative law and is committed to its principles. She attempts to settle, if possible, and to collaborate with other helping professionals. Having had extensive experience as a trial attorney has helped her find creative ways to navigate  clients through their anxieties about conflict so that they can be less fearful and more open to finding ways to move forward.