How Long After My Divorce Should I Wait to Date?

For some people the last thing on their mind in the wake of a divorce is dating. For others, getting back out there is the first thing on their mind. There is no right answer to when to start dating after a divorce. Everyone is different and every divorce is different. If you did not want to get a divorce, then you are probably not too anxious to dip your toe back in the world of dating. If you initiated a divorce or it was a mutual choice between you and your ex-spouse, you may have been thinking about dating again for some time.

Signs You Are Ready to Date Again After a Divorce

The Huffington Post published an article with signs that can help you know you whether you are ready to date again after a divorce, including:

  • You know what you want in a spouse – If you do not know what type of person you want to date, how can you know what to look for.
  • You know what you do not want in a spouse – Just as important as know things you want in a mate is knowing things that you do not want.
  • You are over your ex-spouse – You cannot move on if you are still in love with your ex-wife or ex-husband.
  • You are no longer angry at your ex-spouse – If you are still carrying around feelings of pain and resentment for your ex, then you should probably wait to date again, because you could end up taking that out on the people you date, which is no way to get a new relationship started on the right foot.
  • You are excited about meeting new people – If you are not happy about the idea of dating, what is the point of dating?

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