Family Law and Parenting Plans

When finalizing a divorce, family law matters are notoriously tricky for parents to agree on. Figuring out a parenting plan might not be easy but is important as one source reports that the tone for life after divorce is typically set in around six months.

What is a parenting plan?

Basically, it’s a schedule and a detailed list of how to handle situations that are likely to occur. The rights and responsibilities of both parents are defined along with other guidelines for co-parenting so that possible areas of conflict or confusion are cleared up in advance. Since you cannot possibly think of and create a procedure for every possible scenario, remember to include a section for dispute resolution. This at least allows you to prepare for solving conflicts when making unexpected decisions.

What to expect

When forming a plan to address the needs of children, parents should be prepared to discuss many topics and write down solutions. Take this seriously as plans approved by the court are enforceable by law.

Why is a parenting plan important?

Children feel unsure and don’t know what to expect when their parents get a divorce. The parenting plan serves as the framework for creating a unified life for a child so that they feel supported and secure. When both parents commit to a plan, it makes creating the new normal after a divorce easier.

What if something goes wrong?

Theory and practice are two different things, and it’s possible that a parent might not follow a plan, which might make court intervention necessary. If you have a problem, contact us today so that we can discuss your options with you.