Divorce, How Long Does It Take?

If you do an Internet search asking the question of how long it might take to get a divorce there would be a variety of answers, starting from 6 months to years. I have had a case that settled in one week; conversely I represented someone who had begun their proceedings 30 years earlier.

There are so many variables when getting a divorce it is hard to give a concrete answer to a question that seems to demand an immediate accurate answer. You have made a decision and are ready to move on!

To understand the process you must first understand your relationship to the dissolution of the marriage. Although you may have decided that you can no longer stay in your marriage, as the process begins, emotion is stirred and often we are confronted with many unresolved issues.

As you process your own emotions surrounding this major life transition, the process of getting a divorce begins. This requires time and patience, to heal and or to help your children better understand their place in the process.

Unfortunately, there is not a magical pill that will quicken the process of healing, and it also takes time for work through the steps of a divorce.

It is important to take time in this process, because if we rush things, we may fail to get the proper perspective on the entire situation, and perspective is what we need to make the best decisions. It takes time to resolve important issues, especially when children are involved.

How long this process takes is truly dependent on some of the following things:

  1. Can you do this amicably? The more you disagree the longer it takes.
  2. Is everyone open to frank discussion? Being committed to listening and following through with your part of the process make things go smoothly.

No matter how long it takes, remember, there is a process that demands attention and this cannot be dismissed.