Divorce Can Set You Adrift

Being adrift is not a comfortable feeling; in fact the sense of anchor-less-ness can be very disorienting and scary. We are land creatures and like the stability of the ground, so when we face something that pulls the rug out from under us, like a divorce, our sense of control and direction can be lost for a time.

When I was in my twenties I learned how to rudderless sail, this was something that greatly impacted my life, for the good.  When you sail without a rudder you control the direction you are traveling in the water by the manipulation of the sails.  Surprisingly you can harness the wind with these two sails in such a way that you can almost go in any direction.

It was challenging and a bit dangerous but with some practice and patience it became a very valuable skill and most importantly, life lesson.   In memory I find it poetic, the water, the boat, the wind, and it was my ingenuity that gave me control over the direction I would travel.  I traversed through the experience and even today I feel strong and proud of this accomplishment.

Many of our clients ask, “Will we win, or get a just result?”  We can never tell what an outcome will be, we don’t have that type of control.  What we do know; when armed with knowledge, self-control and confidence you will be able to traverse this process.

If you find yourself facing a divorce and feel overwhelmed or unsure, know that with a bit of patience, self care and the support of your attorney and friends you will come through feeling proud and stronger for having set your own sail.

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