Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is a difficult, often messy thing to go through. Emotions can run high, and many times the proceedings are about hurting the other person as much as they are about dividing things fairly. However, it really is in a couple’s best interests to set their personal issues aside when it comes to divorce proceedings. Because clear heads and calm hearts will make a cleaner break, and make it easier for both of you to move on with your lives.

Which is why it’s often a good idea to pursue a collaborative divorce, instead of a combative one.

Why You Should Pursue A Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is when you and your partner both agree that you should no longer be together, but you do not agree on how you should divide what you have. Both of you will sign an agreement that says you will work together to divide things equitably, and you can either work with a mediator (who will remain impartial), or each hire a lawyer to help you negotiate the final terms of the divorce.

Mechanically, there is very little difference between a collaborative divorce, and an adversarial one. However, when you and your spouse work together to find a solution you can both agree on, it save both of you a huge amount of time, effort, and expense. Both of you want to get divorced, so why not set your grievances aside to get the work done so you can both move on?

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